Trail by the Sea – Cinque Terre

If you are touring Italy for the art or the history, you can skip Cinque Terre. The area is lacking really any significance in both areas. However, if you want incredible scenery, interesting architecture and food and wine that will blow your mind, then you really, really need to visit "The Five Lands". Cinque Terre is made up of five small towns that are built on the cliffs of the Italian Riviera. They are inaccessible by car (only train or boat), and are each different and unique. There is a hiking trail that connects all five towns with a varying degree of difficulty depending on which leg or the journey you are on. The entire hike can be done in a day with some time spent in each town. The only real beach is in Monterosso and is worth visiting, although it can be fairly crowded. We had dinner at Al Castello in Vernazza, which is a restaurant located next to the old castle overlooking the town and the Mediterranean. You will find the wine produced in this region to be exceptional and the pesto unmatched anywhere. While at times Cinque Terre can be a bit touristy, it is definitely worth a visit in the middle of your trip, just so you can relax and unwind, experience some amazing food and wine and watch the sun set with your significant other and your favorite flavor gelato. Must See: a Mediterranean sunset from the Castello in Vernazza.
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