Trans-Siberia Video 01 – Shanghai

We finally have our first video ready to reveal to the world. Please be gentle, it was literally the first time we have ever shot and edited video to show to anyone other than the immediate family. I think they will get better as the trip progresses, but here are 6 minutes of our 4 days in Shanghai. Please enjoy...
  • Mansur & Elena

    Hi Flip & Sara! Our plans have changed. Yesterday I arrived to Houston, I’ll stay here for a week and then go back to work. Unfortunately I can’t visit California this time..

    • Flip

      Hi Mansur & Elena:
      Sorry to hear that, but maybe next time. Also, just wanted to congratulate you all on the World Cup announcement. That is huge news!! Now maybe more people will come to Kazan and meet all of the friendly people.
      Hope to see you soon!
      Happy Holidays!!

  • Mansur & Elena

    Many thanks!!

  • Hi Flip and Sara!

    Great job on the video! There were a couple places where Flip sounded like Max Headroom, but that could have been due to my slow Internet connection. Please let me know if the “Contraption” ever becomes available for public purchase because I really do want to get one of those!

    Thanks for sharing the video and also the experiences you guys have when traveling.

    take care and happy holidays!


    PS.. You guys may want to stop into the office next week.. I made buckeyes again this year and have already set some aside for you. 🙂

  • Chris

    Please, keep posting!

  • Amy

    Loved it! That is awesome! Cannot wait to see more!

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