Photos That Inspire – Shambala of the Gobi, Sainshand, Mongolia

Shambala of the Gobi, Sainshand, Mongolia

Fabled Shambala of the Gobi Desert, Sainshand, Mongolia

5:20 am on a rainy day in September, we were the only travelers that got off the train at Sainshand, Mongolia.  I never imagined that our visit to the Gobi Desert would be greeted with pouring rain.  Our local guide ran to us in the rain and waved us into a van.  She told us that the rain is considered good luck in the desert... I didn't believe her until the afternoon.  The rain cleared, and we set off to visit the fabled Shambala of the Gobi Desert.  There were still dark clouds in the distance, but the sun was trying to break through.  We hiked through the desolate red landscape and came upon the Shambala.  I am not sure if we were just delirious from exhaustion, but all four of us felt an indescribable energy as we sat on the red sand and rested our eyes.  All I can say is that it felt surreal. Now looking back at this photo.  I am not sure if I captured that energy.
  • Anonymous

     Fabulous photograph,You capture nice photograph .Thanks for sharing this historical photograph.

    • Thanks for your kind words. I am glad you liked it.  It was a very special experience for us to be there.

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