If You Only Have One Day in Beijing…

The Great Wall

Beijing has a lot to offer, but if you only have one day there, here is a solid itinerary: Start the day as early as possible with a quick, simple breakfast of traditional pastries, bread, or cake and milk tea at 85°C. Take a taxi or bus ride to the Great Wall (Mutianyu Section). If you get there early, there won't be many tourists and you can see it and go. Take the cable car to Tower 14 and then walk on the Wall back to Tower 6. Then ride the toboggan to the bottom, buy your "I climbed the Great Wall" t-shirt, get back in your taxi and head back to Beijing.

Temple of Heaven

Arrive back in Beijing for shabu-shabu lunch at Honyuan Hot Pot. This is an incredible meal that you cook yourself in your own hot pot. Not to be missed. After lunch, go to the Temple of Heaven Park to walk off your meal. This is a huge open air park with lots of locals walking, hanging out, playing cards or musical instruments. You can walk for an hour or two and then head over to the Forbidden City for a view of how the emperors lived. From this historical site, head across the street to Tiananmen Square to a site with more modern significance. Take a taxi to Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant for a Peking Duck dinner that is both traditional and modern (not to mention delicious). Head back to the train station or airport for your next stop.

Tiananman Square

There are many more things to see in Beijing, of course, but these are some of the top tourist sites. If you want to get more personal with the locals, you will hopefully be staying a bit longer and can take your time. This itinerary is for the traveler that is pressed for time and wants to see the highlights. If you are the type that eschews the tourist crowd, you will want to steer clear of the Forbidden City, as it is packed with people. However, I would still suggest seeing the Great Wall, just go really early. It is worth it.
 85°C Bakery 85度C咖啡蛋糕烘焙专卖店 北京阜成门店 西城区阜成门内313号房屋A单元 Tel: 010-66153545 Hours: 24H
 Honyuan Hot Pot Restaurant 宏源涮肉城(日坛路店) 朝阳区日坛东路9号(近使馆区) Tel: 010-85628899
 Dadong Roast Duck Restaurant 大董烤鸭店(东四十条店) 东城区东四十条甲22号南新仓商务大厦1-2楼 (东四十条桥西南) Tel: 010-51690329 51690328
  • I like it but too much walking for me…..  🙂   

  • Hnancylee

    Thank you so much for your idea.  I did exactly that however I found out that when scheduling a guide then must take you to additional places….. cloisnaire shop, silk worm factory, tea house, etc.  I truly appreciate your post because after 5 days of conferences all I had was one day to see the sights.

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