The Gobi Desert – Trans-Siberia Episode 06


Our trip on the Trans-Siberian Railway took us through one of our most memorable countries ever. Mongolia was truly an unforgettable experience. The first half of this portion of our trip, the Gobi Desert, is presented in this brief 4 minute video. Also, you will learn that the toilets in the Gobi are almost as nice as those at home.

  • Mansur Aglyamov


  • reality blogs

    I love how they have a variety of toilets.  I’ll take the one with doors please!

    • Flip Adams

      Haha! I think if you experienced the smell of the closed doors, you might opt for the open-door policy. Plus, you get a nice view!

      Thanks for watching!


  • Amiee Woods

    Your vlog is really cool. It’s awesome that you travel and teach your children this way!

    • Flip Adams

      Thanks, Amiee!

  • Michael Moe

    I’m planning to do the trans-Sib train ride as well after I finish my exam in April. Your video got me excited more of the coming trip. Thanks

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