5 Songs That Inspire Travel

This week I wanted to lighten it up a bit and just provide a bit of travel inspiration instead of any minimalist travel how-to advice. Sara and I are fortunate that we share many, many common interests. Our taste in music, however, differs dramatically. She likes goth, punk and industrial, whereas I prefer Buffett, Ben Folds and hippy music. I thought it would be fun to share with you my Top 5 Inspirational Travel Songs. Maybe I can convince Sara to come up with a Top 5 list of her own. Please keep in mind that these songs are my opinion and I realize that music is a personal choice. Everyone has their own Top 5 Travel Songs, so I invite you to leave yours in the Comments below. And so, without further ado: Phil's Top 5 Inspirational Travel Songs #5 - Paradise City (Guns N' Roses) - OK, the first song on my list is just from a personal memory of my best Spring Break road trip in college down to Panama City, Florida, Disney's Epcot Center and Savannah, Georgia. Four of us drove down and spent a week having enough fun to fill a book. It was these types of trips that really fueled my love of inexpensive travel. I spent a grand total of $125 that week including gas, food, bars, beer, lodging and Epcot. One of the guys on the trip finally broke down and said, "Guys, how many hot dogs can one man eat? If my mama was here, she'd want me to get a piece of chicken." It was quite a time and maybe one day that trip will make a good book... if I can find someone who remembers everything. #4 - Come Sail Away (Styx) - This is a classic song, beautifully sung, about getting away from it all and reaching peace, tranquility and freedom and then, surprise, aliens come and take him away. I am a geek and this is the ultimate geek travel song. Outer space. Even Cartman loves it. #3 - Pascagoula Run (Jimmy Buffett) - One of Buffett's lesser known songs. It is the story of a boy going on his first road trip with his black sheep uncle who takes him on a wild ride to see the world and kiss a girl. It is just a fun listen and makes me want to get in the car and drive. #2 - Down Under (Men At Work) - This song was popular on the radio when I was a kid. At the time I never knew what a fried-out combie was, but with the advent of the Internet, I have discovered that it is an old VW-style camper van. I loved the song then, and love it even more now. It is a story of travel all over the world in a less than posh manner. I really, really want a vegemite sandwich. #1 - Southern Cross (Crosby, Stills & Nash) - Sara and I love sailing and at one point we dreamed of sailing around the world. I'm not sure if that will ever happen, but this song makes me yearn for it all the same. It is a story of sailing around the world. Yes, it is about a failed relationship, so I try not to dwell on that part. I have seen the Southern Cross and for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is a sight never forgotten. As I was writing this, I was also listening to all of these songs through the links above. Just so you know, they all put me in a really good mood. You should take a listen. Hope you enjoyed this list and please add to the list by leaving a comment below with your Top Travel Songs.
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