About This Website... The purpose of this website is to show that it is possible to travel frequently, even with kids, without being independently wealthy. We are able to travel at least three months out of the year (often more) because we changed our lifestyle, jobs and standard of living. Our younger daughter, now seven years old, has already been to 21 countries. She has developed a true love for travel and has become very flexible, open-minded, and, obviously, worldly. One of our goals was to move to a foreign country to live for a time. We planned for four years and finally moved this summer to Taipei, Taiwan. We will be living here for two years so our daughter can learn the Chinese language and culture. We will also be using it as a jumping off point to see large parts of Asia. We have developed a minimalist mindset in our everyday lives so that we can concentrate on seeing the world. Through this website, we will share some of our experiences as well as show you how you can see more of the world as well. If you enjoy what you read, please consider signing up for our weekly newsletter. You will be sure to catch all of our adventures and tips as well as encourage us to keep writing. Thanks for reading! It really means a lot.