Book Review: Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice

Tokyo Vice

I recently made a career out of reading the book, Tokyo Vice (meaning, it took me forever to finish it). It took me quite some time to get through the book for a couple of reasons which I will explain in a bit, but all in all, I can highly recommend it.

Tokyo Vice is written by Jake Adelstein, the only American to ever work as a journalist inside the Tokyo Metropolitan Police press club. It is a unique insight into Japanese culture that few Westerners will ever get to see.

My View of Japan

I have been to Japan twice and loved the country. The people are very friendly, the organization, efficiency and cleanliness are only rivaled by Singapore and Switzerland, and it is overall very safe. The citizens follow the rules.

On the metro, there are signs that prohibit talking on one’s cell phone while on the train. No one talks on their cell phones on the trains. On the escalators, the people who just want to ride stand on one side so the people who are in a hurry can walk up the other unimpeded.

I have a friend who’s then husband used to regularly forget his backpack on the train in Tokyo. It was returned to him every time.

It is one of the safest countries on the planet.

Jake Adelstein’s View of Japan

Not everywhere is perfect, though. Tokyo Vice reveals another side of Japan. One that is seedier. One that is unknown to most tourists.

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