Movie Review: The Way

The Way Movie Poster

Movie poster from the movie The Way

When Sara and I are not traveling, I try to recapture that travel feeling that I so enjoy by either reading a good book or watching a good movie. Unfortunately, sometimes it is difficult to find something that I like. I find a lot of travel writers to be a bit pretentious. They feel that their version of travel is the best and everyone else's is inferior. I admit that I am guilty of this from time to time as well, but I really try to keep an open mind. I have decided to start celebrating outstanding creativity on this blog by providing reviews of movies, TV shows and books that I really enjoy. You probably will not find any reviews here on things that I did not like because years ago I made the determination that my time is important to me and if I am not enjoying a movie or a book, I simply do not finish it. Consequently, I shy away from trashing something that I have not completed. A side note, I did actually finish the movie Mulholland Drive, so I feel confident in mentioning that, aside from one memorable scene, it is the worst movie ever produced. Read More